Email Using Windows 11 Outlook.

Windows 11 Outlook is replacing Windows Mail. This course is ideal for beginners, those with experience using Windows Mail or those who may wish to refresh their basic knowledge mail applications. This course aims to increase confidence and provide an insight and into the workings of the email system.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how the email system works and its limitations.
  • Know how to setup your email account on Windows 11 Outlook.
  • Understand the essential features of Windows 11 Outlook.
  • Receive, reply, and forward emails.
  • Understand the significance of To, Cc and BCc
  • Manage email attachments.

Duration and Cost

2 x 2½ hour sessions
$15 per person (this course is limited to a maximum of 7 members)

What you need to know before you attend this course:

You should already have Windows 11 installed on your home computer or laptop.
You should already be familiar with the basics of the Windows Operating System.

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