Managing Data on your PC

This is an essential Course for all computer users. An understanding of how to manage the data (files and folders) on your PC is the single most important thing that you can learn from SeniorNet. This course should be seen as a pre-requisite for all of the more advanced courses run by SeniorNet (and knowledge of its contents is assumed on those courses).

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop and manage a logical file structure, in tune with your lifestyle and interests, on your
    own computer
  • Find a file you want quickly and easily
  • Know how to back up your files
  • Appreciate the benefits of cloud storage (eg OneDrive)

Duration & Cost
5 x 2½ hour sessions
$30 per person

What you need to know before you attend this course:
You will need a basic working knowledge of computers (as taught on our Introduction to Computers Course). We encourage you to use the PCs in the Learning Centre for this course, then go home, and apply the lessons learned on your own computer. There will be an opportunity to bring and use your own laptop later in the course.

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