Course – Internet Banking

This Course is designed for those who do not currently use Internet Banking or have been set up by their Bank (or family) but are still nervous about using this modern banking facility.
Our Course has been developed in conjunction with the Federation of New Zealand SeniorNet Societies and covers material which is relevant to all NZ Banks’ Internet Banking services. The second half of the Course is a series of practical exercises using the BNZ Demonstration site, which will give you a real-world experience of what Internet Banking is like.

Duration & Cost
1 x 2½ hour session
$10 per person (Limited to 7 members)

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the features and capabilities of Internet Banking.
  • Overcome any doubts you have about using the internet for your banking.
  • Know how these systems work and be confident that all the safeguards are in place to protect your money.

What you need to know before attending this course:
You will only be able to use our Learning Centre PC’s for this course as you will be using the BNZ Demonstration site. This site is restricted and cannot be made accessible on any member’s personal PC during or after the course.

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